Thursday, May 29, 2008


$Music begin$

“Hey, Rang de basanti! Hey,Rang de basanti!”

Somewhere down the corner, this very music seems to be heard in my brain.Slowly, the volume of that song picks up and it started to hit my ear drums as much hard as it can. Annoying!!!

It was the ringtone in my mobile and I was sleeping. It seemed to be dark outside and saw the clock, it read 6 o’ Clock.

I was wondering,”Gosh! Who the hell is callng me this early?”. I rushed to my mobile to pick the call. I picked it up after a long time.

Me: Hello! Who’s this?

Mom’s frd: Avi( that’s my name in my house) , Tell to your mom that I can’t come for walking today.

Me(with hard voice)Yes, I’ll..

Then, I was cursing her for calling me at 6. I once again saw the clock. it was 6.05 .

I was a bit annoyed abt the fact that missed my jogging and fottbal game today.I used to jogg and play some football with my frds regularly in the morning. But to do that, I’ve to start from my home as early as 5AM. I was afraid that my frds would be scolding me for not making it.

Then, I headed straight to the kitchen to see if I can get a chance to yell at my mom for she’s is the one who used to wake me up. Luckily for my mom, She wasn’t there. I figured out from the call, I got a little while earlier that she’d also go for a walk in the morning and as well as in the evening.

With no other option, I turned to my room to switch on my PC but it was already on. While all of this happening, It was still dark outside and said to myself” Man! sun really wakes up late in winter and so do I”.

*A thought appears* What if we go now even if it's too late for jogging? So, decided my mind to go for a jogging. Hurriedly, I was preparing myself to go out to jogg. I was all set to leave with my sneakers on. Though I was bit surprised to have no sense of chill air as it used to be.. when I was about to leave.

My mom came and now is my turn to scold her. I went straight to her and started yelling at her as if like hell. She wasn’t aware of what I’m talking about. Finally, she understood and said ” Hey, Retard! Look at the clock.. it’s 6.30 in the evening”.

“Oh! Man, it’s evening..I felt like I was completely boozed out and felt a total hangover“.

For a moment, I was just laughing at me.

Then, realised that I was working for some 3 days without sleep(even if i did, it didn’t last for an hour or so) I was even totally unaware if it was morning or evening or night.It really done me in. It was more like an hallucination of some kind and a total hangover. :D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

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