Friday, February 15, 2008

Addicted to google :D

...A few months back, As a developer, I was more int'd in C,C++ et al.. and the only utility I was using in Google is their most popular search engine. Of Late, I've been trying a new apps of Google.


Google Docs is the first appln I tried. Fed up with those offline conventional office suites, I tried Google Docs. Though and many other office suites were available, I was keen to get onto Google Docs( Maabbe, it's just the reputation of it had done me in). First feature I liked the most is the revisions available that makes us to see the original documents before each and every editing done on that particulat document.

Rate:4 stars out of 5


Google Notepad is one of the appln I'm unimpressed. It may be the fact that there ain't any special feature possibly added in notepads.

Rate : 2 stars out of 5


Google Reader is my best choice of the lot. I really like blogging though I post once or twice in a week. Before using GReader, I either visit each site or subscribe via email. It's even a hard task to manage those feeds in your email. Still a lot of feed gatherer or Aggregator where available or provided with many linux distros, I really don't like to use'em. Most important reason must be that browsers are the only thing,I use the most in my PC. So, My frd invited me to Greader. Within a days time, I was good at using it like most pro would do.

Rate : 5 stars out of 5


iGoogle is my latest ( though it was around for quite sometime).Classic google home was my homepage for years but things change often. I was trying to use google to make things easy for me. With all those easily available gadgets around, life can never be as comfortable as this. I changed my entire homepage to one from where I can do everything needed,without even moving to other pages.

Recently, iGoogle announced the theme APIs. Until then, I was unaware that I can change my themes for my google page. It was fun to add a theme and see how it looks. With iGoogle theme API, I even tried to create a theme for myself to share with my frds.Here is the link, where you must start "iGoogle Themes".

Rate: 5 stars out of 5

Note:To Develop a theme, all you require is some basic web programming knowledge and most importantly, creativity and imagination. Happy Hacking!!!


PS: All contents in this page was my views over Google and its related applns. If you have other thoughts, Please publish your own post instead of protesting :D

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